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Parent Volunteers

Parents are invited to parent information and orientation sessions at the beginning of the school year. We also have scheduled private parent-teacher conferences to discuss your child’s progress. Should the need arise, from either a parent’s or teacher’s perspective, further meetings are scheduled as required.

We report against each Unit of Inquiry, which is available on ESF Gateway. Every child’s progress is also documented in their ePortfolio, which can be accessed via the Hillside Learning Hub.

Regular eNewsletters, programme planning and learning journals are available to families via our website. Each child has a daily communication book for parents and teachers to communicate short messages. Urgent messages, such as last minute changes to pick-up plans, should be delivered by phone and not email.

Click HERE for the Hillside Parent Handbook.

Parents are also invited to participate in our parent volunteer programme. We take this programme very seriously as we endeavour to work in close partnership with all our families.

At Hillside regular volunteering opportunities include:

  • “Open Play” Time Parent Volunteer – Parents who wish to come along during this time have the choice of being stationed at an activity or spending the time with their child. This part of the session is approximately 60 minutes in length (10:00-11:00 / 13:45-14:45).
  • Mystery Reader – Parents who wish to read stories to your child’s class can sign-up to be a “mystery reader”, please refer to the sign-up below for specific dates and times.
    *Please be reminded to limit your number of sign-ups to allow all parents an opportunity on the rosters throughout the term.*

*Please CLICK HERE to read this important Parent Volunteer Guidance Notes before you start.

Please visit the Hillside Learning Hub to sign-up for Parent Volunteer.

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