Hillside Learning Hub

The Hillside Learning Hub is our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). We hope this will be a more convenient way, for parents and teachers, to share the children’s learning journey.

It is a place for parents to access the following:

  • their child’s e-portfolio – we will be sending home any hard copies of the children’s work on the day, so it’s more relevant for young children when talking with parents about their work.
  • their child’s class blog – which includes class photo albums, the class learning journal, resources to help with learning.
  • the online parent volunteer sign-up, further details are outlined under the Parent Volunteer section of this website

Please keep in mind that parents will still have to access ESF Gateway for student reports, updating student demographics, and eNotices.

Parents will be provided with a username and password for the Hillside Learning Hub after entering the school.

Click HERE to access the Hillside Learning Hub.

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