12 Oct 2020

Hillside News 12 October 2020

Hillside Kindergarten’s latest newsletter is now available to read.

Important Dates

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 19-23 October  Term Break
 16-19 November  K2 Parent-Teacher Conference (Zoom sign-ups coming soon)
 23-26 November  K1 Parent-Teacher Conference (Zoom sign-ups coming soon)
Head of School’s Message

Dear Parents

Thank you for your patience as we adjust to the new ‘back to school’ routines. We all need to work together to keep our school safe for everyone. Here are some kind reminders as we adjust to the new norm:

  • Complete temperature checks and hand sanitisation as you enter the school;
  • Surgical face masks are required at all times on school premises;
  • Traffic is busy on Stubbs Road. If you drive your children to school, please don’t park in front of the Hillside or Bradbury exit gates. Please keep in mind parking etiquette, and that we are in a school zone. Be swift and if possible circle around instead of parking. This year, we have more children coming by private cars than we have in the past. Parking is always going to be problematic given our location and limitations on Stubbs Road, and we thank you in advance for your cooperation with this request.
Continuous Disinfection Provision – Toys Disinfected Around the Clock!

As mentioned in our joint letter last week, Hillside Kindergarten and Bradbury School are committed to the health and safety of our students and staff members.  While we strictly adhere to the CHP’s ‘Guidelines on Prevention of Communicable Diseases in Schools’, we are collaborating our efforts together to proactively further enhance hygiene standards. We have installed machines to perform a disinfection cycle before and after every session. We hope this will reassure our community that our campuses provide a sanitised environment to better protect everyone amidst the pandemic. 

To further explain, this system contains activating agents such a chlorine dioxide which can safely kill 99.99% of pathogenic sources by atomisation. This includes coronaviruses, as well as other bacteria and viruses in the air and on the surface of all objects. In essence, this will disinfect all toys, objects, books and surfaces in the vicinity for up to 8 hours with its coating, but we will be conducting this deep clean and disinfection before and after every session.

Parent Survey Results

Thank you to those of you who responded to our survey. Overall, the feedback was very positive. Many of you are very much in support of the work we have done with Distance Learning, providing “agree” and “strongly agree” responses.

It was valuable for us to receive responses from parents regarding support for your child’s wellbeing and also teacher feedback. We will continue to consider parental voice, staff voice and additional data as we make enhancements for the next phase.

To give you some insight on what we plan to do going forward if we end up in distance learning again:

  • Class Zoom times will continue. However, we will look at how the children adjust and engagement level as we make adjustments;
  • Assembly and extracurricular will continue, but we will explore delivery models and ways to help support wellbeing and class learning more effectively;
  • Teachers will ‘know’ your child better so will have a clearer picture of how to move the learning forward, by providing next steps suggestions via regular portfolio posts.
Snacks and Allergies

Please be reminded that snack time is optional, mainly for those children who travel long distances to and from kindergarten. If you feel snacking is not necessary for your child, then there is no need to pack a snack. Please ensure your child has a proper breakfast or lunch before coming to school. There is a designated snack area, with dividers set up, on each floor, under the supervision and assistance of school staff.

If your child is bringing a snack, families are requested to supply snacks that are nutritiously balanced. Fruit, whole-wheat bread sandwiches, cheese or vegetables are great for growing bodies! Children are invited to eat their own snack during a ‘progressive snack time’ in the designated area. Please remember that we have a ‘No Nut’ policy and don’t forget to clearly label all your children’s snack boxes and water bottles with your child’s name, class and session.

We do have children with severe nuts and sesame allergies. This is something that we kindly ask that you consider very carefully when packing your child’s snack box and sending in recycled items for the Creative Station.

Please relay the info to your helpers too!

Quick Notes to Parents

Teachers might put a short “Note to Parents” in your child’s school bag, for any quick messages like a change of clothes or minor scraps..etc. We will be sending any whole school or group messages via the app. However, the best way to communicate 1:1 with your child’s teacher remains a normal email. If you have any urgent messages, the best way is to call us on 2540 0066.
Thank you as always,

Head of School

Inspiring Futures

In accordance with our Personal Data Handling Policy, ESF Hillside and English Schools Foundation may place your child’s photos, name, school work, activities and accomplishments in our newsletters or other publications (including but not limited to our websites and social media sites).  If you would like to opt-out, please email the school office at kinder@hillside.edu.hk.