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Bus Service


Our school bus service is out-sourced to Kwoon Chung Motors Company Limited. The bus routes run along Hong Kong Island from Chai Wan (Island East) to Pok Fu Lam (Island West) to South Horizon (Island South). The Bus Company will notify parents of specific bus pick-up and drop-off points and schedules one week prior to the start of the school year. The operation of individual bus routes is dependent on the number of passengers or sign-ups; therefore, there are certain locations that Kwoon Chung might not service. Parents are advised to confirm transportation arrangements prior to kindergarten enrollment.

The school bus and escort (bus mother) fees are paid termly regardless of distance.

This bus service is a private arrangement between the parents and the bus contractor. Any enquiries, changes or concerns should be addressed directly to Kwoon Chung Motors Company Limited.

Contact: Ms. Jamie Chan / Ms. Justina O / Ms. Alice Yau
Email: esfhs@kcm.com.hk
Tel: +852 29 798 798 Fax: +852 2562 3399
Website: http://school.kcm.com.hk/esfhs

All children are expected to wear kindergarten uniform that is clearly labelled with the child’s name.

Each child’s uniform should include:

  • Trousers, shorts or skorts
  • Checkered shirt or polo shirt
  • Cardigan, fleece or track top
  • Two-in-one windbreaker
  • Schoolbag, library book bag, school sun hat and or raincoat cape
  • Black or white coloured shoes with fastenings that can be easily managed by a child and stay firmly on the foot.

Please keep in mind that children get messy easily, and it is often necessary to wash their uniforms frequently. We suggest you purchase extra sets of uniforms for this reason.

ESF kindergartens are working with a new supplier (who currently supplies the majority of our ESF schools). From 1 April 2022 onwards kindergarten uniform items will be available for online purchase from the website http://schooluniform.hk/ The pre-existing uniform items can continue to be worn and used for the foreseeable future, including into the new school year.

To ensure that all students have uniform supply for the new school year, please note the uniform ordering deadline will be Thurs, 30 June 2022. Orders placed by this date will be guaranteed delivery to the home, in time for the start of school. Orders placed after this will be filled according to available stock.


At Hillside, we are taking steps in becoming an ‘eco-friendly school’ by minimising the impact of our human footprint on our planet. As part of our sustainability strategy, we would like to provide a forum for interested parents to connect and recycle their “too small” uniform items.

If you are interested to buy, sell or giveaway beloved Hillside uniform, please leave a post on the bulletin below to connect with other parents.

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