The School Day

A Typical Session at Hillside

Below are the general timings and events of a school day at Hillside. School gates open @ 8:40am and 12:55pm.
  Programme Description  
08:45 Arrival Time: Upon arrival, children will carry out their routine tasks such as, putting away their belongings, and completing the self-register to develop self-management skills. Other activities will be available for children to work their peers and promote social and communication skills. 13:00
  Circle Time and Inquiry Groups: The circle time will set the scene with the learning intentions, concepts and lines of inquiry. More in-depth inquiry on the unit will take place during this time, and often be facilitated by an adult working with a smaller group of the class. Adults will work and learn collaboratively with the children through active listening, discussions, and reflections. Documentation on how children respond to challenges and provocations will become evidence of their learning. Chinese is also incorporated into this time once a fortnight.  
10:00 – 11:00 Open Play: The children will have the choice to select from a variety of learning engagements available throughout the kindergarten. These learning engagements will develop approaches to learning and are often linked to the unit of inquiry. Teachers and EAs will guide and support children to explore various activities and to encourage children to integrate different learning experiences. Children are encouraged to wonder and ask questions and test their own theories or action on their new knowledge. This is also when children may choose to visit the snack area to have their snacks and socialise with their friends. Parent volunteers are invited to join this part of the programme. 14:15 – 15:15
  Class Time: This could be time for last circle time or another small group engagement for further inquiry work, stories, outdoor play or music and movement. Chinese is also incorporated into this time once a fortnight.  
11:45 Home Time: Bus children will be collected and escorted onto the buses by EAs and bus mothers. ‘Walkers’ will be brought down to the foyer area by class teachers to be collected by parents/carers. 16:00