Learner Profile

At the heart of our curriculum is the ‘Learner Profile’. This is a long-term, holistic vision of education that underpins our work and puts the child at the centre of everything we do. The Learner Profile is shared between all ESF Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary schools and we aim to develop each attribute in every child. The PYP Learner Profile is a set of values and characteristics which we encourage children to think about and develop. Staff and our helpers in school role model and teach these attributes through stories and circle times. They influence our approach to learning and our interactions with others. These are our Hillside definitions of the Learner Profile Attributes:


Inquirer I wonder about things and ask questions to learn new things.
Knowledgeable I know a lot about myself and the world around me.
Thinker I solve problems and connect the things I know.
Communicator I share my ideas with others and I listen carefully.
Principled I am a good friend and I do the right thing.
Open-minded I listen to others and accept other people’s ideas.
Caring I am kind to others and care about the world we live in.
Courageous I try new things and am not afraid to have a go.
Balanced I work and play hard and take care of myself.
Reflective I think about my own learning and how I can make changes.