Programme of Inquiry

Please find our current Programme of Inquiry (POI) below. This is a working document that our teachers are constantly reflecting on based on the children’s learning interests and needs; therefore, it will be updated throughout each Unit of Inquiry (UOI).

The PYP POI is a matrix made up of six Transdisciplinary Themes, and each theme is accompanied by an extended description that explains what children will be inquiring into under this theme. It is used as a tool to ensure the balance of the Units of Inquiry (UOI) under each theme.

Each of the UOI has a central idea. Each central idea will support children’s understanding of that particular transdisciplinary theme and challenges and extends their prior knowledge. The central idea is driven by key concepts that help to develop conceptual understanding and to extend critical thinking. Each unit will contain lines of inquiry that clarify the central idea and define the scope of the inquiry.