15 Dec 2020

Parent Webinar

I Can – I Will: Flourishing Life Skills for Children and Parents
When: Wednesday 20 January 2021, 1-2pm

We recognise that we are currently in a climate of uncertainty owing to the pandemic, and this may cause some anxiety across our learning community.

We have invited Dr Mark Gandolfi, (PhD, MSc, MS, BSc) to host a parent session for the Hillside parent community. In this workshop, Dr Mark will share tools/strategies to help children (and adults) cope and flourish. These tools are practical and also transferable to many situations.

Speaker Notes: Dr. Mark Gandolfi has been a clinical psychologist, international school consultant and corporate wellness practitioner for over 30 years with his main practice in Hong Kong and Bangkok, Thailand. He has substantial clinical experience in working with children, teenagers, adults/parents in most areas of emotional well-being. Dr. Mark Gandolfi has been a lecturer for UK, US, Australia and Hong Kong universities and clinical supervisor for student and practising counsellors with Canadian, U.S., Australia, UK and HK universities.


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